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Don't let your utility bills go up
it is industrial air conditioning, refrigeration, or heating needs, Alex's Air can
offer you the best in sales and service. Our experienced technicians are
trained to work on larger commercial and industrial air conditioning systems
found in larger buildings, manufacturing plants, and hospitals.

Hospitals, school districts, higher-education facilities, stores, tugs, and jails.
We've provided our sales and service expertise to all. Our areas of industrial
specialty include, but are not limited to, product refrigeration, residential air
conditioning and heating, commercial air conditioning & heating, and
commercial refrigeration.

Alex's Air Conditioning is licensed and certified by the State of Texas.
Our company is OSHA compliant and we continuously promote
environmental and health safety programs for our staff.

Temperatures are going up...Don’t let your utility bills go up with it.

Don’t wait till it’s too late. Get your system checked today.

We have the services you need when you need it.
• Environmental control needs for restaurants, stores, hotels, and more
• Industrial and commercial refrigeration products
• Construction, remodeling, design, and installation
• Preventative maintenance on new or existing equipment
• Priority service and discount of parts with a Planned Services Agreement
• Indoor air quality diagnostics
• Top brand heating and cooling equipment
• Full design/build services and accessories
• Emergency Services Provided
• Most major credit cards accepted

Residential, Commerical, Industrial, Marine, Conditioning, Heating, Ice Machine & Walk-in Coolers
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Environmental control needs for
restaurants, stores, hotels and more.

H.V.A.C dealer TALCLB #2808C    TACLA # 15714C

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Now working in your neighborhood - together we will make a difference
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